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Optical Lenses

Don’t miss out on the latest breakthroughs in optical lenses

We enjoy helping you take all the time you need to choose just the right frames for your glasses. Then, we want to make sure you give enough thought to the optical lenses which are going to go in them. The lenses can dramatically affect the look and comfort of your glasses, so take time to consider some of the options which can make your glasses even better. We offer a huge variety of lenses, each of which benefits you in a different way.

Seiko lens specialists




Seiko optical lenses specialist



We are very proud to have been awarded Seiko Specialist status. To achieve this we had to undergo extensive training in their ranges of varifocals and other technologically advanced lenses.

Seiko’s slogan is “Precision in vision” and we feel that this sums their lenses up perfectly. We are all familiar with the quality of Seiko watches. They bring this same attention to detail, quality and research to their spectacle lenses. This ensures that you get the best possible vision and aesthetically pleasing glasses.

Special lens tints and coatings


Seiko optical lens specialist

The days of plain, uncoated lenses are way behind us. In our “armory”  we have specialist coatings and tints which can help significantly reduce problems that once you just had to put up with. We can help with glare from oncoming headlights, visual fatigue from screen use; we can even help some people to reduce migraines with Vita-mesh filters.

Our standard lenses come with Seiko anti-reflective coatings. These dramatically reduce reflections on the lens surface allowing more light to pass through the lens and, therefore, provide clearer vision. They also are much more cosmetically appealing as, when somebody looks at you, they can see your eyes rather than lots of reflections on the lenses. They also cut down problems from artificial lighting and are scratch resistant. And that’s just our standard lenses!

If you participate in a sport or hobby we can recommend the optimal tints as well as what will give you the most fashionable appearance and best protection for your eyes.


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