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OCT Scanning

The most up to date OCT scanner technology to look after the health of your eyes.

At our Leicester practice we have invested in a Nidek Duo OCT scanner. OCT stands for ocular coherence tomography and is cutting  edge equipment for an optical practice. We have been using digital retinal imaging at both practices for quite some time. This allows us a much better view of the inside of the eye than can be achieved using standard instruments. The OCT scan goes much, much further and deeper enabling us to see the layers underneath the surface. We can measure these layers of the retina in minute detail, pick up any abnormalities, spot extremely subtle changes over time and see things that we just could not see before. And all of this means that if you are unlucky enough to develop a problem with your eyes then we can pick it up at the earliest possible point and deal with it.

OCT is especially good at picking up and monitoring macular degeneration and problems with the central retina. It is also very helpful when looking for glaucoma and other diseases of the optic nerve. It is recommended for all those with a family history of glaucoma as it can pick up nerve damage much sooner than traditional techniques.

We realise that it can be very worrying to think you have an eye condition. For this reason, our optometrists have undergone extensive study in this area and will discuss your scans in detail with you. They will explain the findings and, if needed, take appropriate action whether it is to refer you to a specialist, see you again for a repeat scan to monitor progress or other course of action.

Here are some images taken from our scanner to give you an idea of what we are looking at.

Digital Retinal Image - Retinal Photography

Digital Retinal Photography


OCT Scan Macular Map

OCT Macula Map

This scan measures the various sections of the macula in minute detail enabling early detection of any abnormality.

OCT Scan diseased Macula

OCT detects macula disease.

An example of where the OCT really helps us. The leak of fluid beneath the macula is clearly visible. This would hardly show up using normal instruments.

3D OCT Scan of the macular area of the retina.

3D Scan Macula Area

This gives a cross section through the most sensitive area of the retina. Shows the separate layers of the retina and the structures beneath.






OCT HD Macula Scan

HD Eye Scan

This is a high definition scan giving us the ability to visualise any subtle changes at the back of the eye.

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