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Our focus is you. We are passionate about giving you the service
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Our Story

We were first established as opticians in Leicester in 1946 by Adrian Mattock. Since then we’ve looked after the eyes of over 38,000 patients! Adrian was succeeded by Jim Smith and then Alan took over in 2000. Since then we have worked at gradually improving and updating the practice to the point where we have the most up to date optical equipment in the form of the OCT scanner. We now specialise in more complex and challenging patients whether it be advanced eye examinations or more difficult spectacle problems. Alan is continually updating his knowledge by further training to stay right up to date with the latest research and practices.

Whilst you’re in our care, our friendly teams will always be ready to help you, whatever you might need. We’re all committed to giving our clients the best experience possible, and are always on hand to help you make important eyewear decisions.

At the Leicester practice you’ll find Alan, Marie, Gail and Marisha who will help you throughout your time with us.

We’ve recently been able to undertake some major alterations and now we have a much bigger, brighter space for you to explore our wide range of eyewear. This includes our sports vision range of motorbike goggles, cycling specs, swimming goggles and more – something that Alan understands very well as an avid motorsports and cycling fan himself!

Alan Bellamy

Alan Bellamy

Owner and principal Optometrist

Alan is the owner and principal Optometrist here at Bellamy Eyecare Leicester. Caring for your eye health is what Alan is passionate about, and he enjoys the freedom that  owning his own business gives him when it comes to providing the best for his patients.

When Alan is not in practice he can often be found up a mountain with his wife Tracey, who you may have seen at our Irthlingborough branch, or in his garage restoring his classic two stroke motorbikes.

Gail Crooks

Gail Crooks

Optical Assistant

Gail has recently re-joined us after a ten year break to bring up her family. And it’s great to have her back!

When Gail is not at work she enjoys baking the most superbly artistic (and tasty) cakes.

Marisha Ely

Marisha Ely

Trainee Dispensing Optician

Marisha works in our Leicester branch, as a trainee Dispensing Optician. With nearly three years’ experience working in optics, Marisha has grown her experience of optometry, and works with the customers at Bellamy Eyecare- particularly with deciding on frames and ensuring that your needs are taken care of.

In her free time, Marisha loves going to the gym, as well as shopping or going out for food with friends.

Marie Ryan

Marie Ryan

Optical Assistant, Administrator, and Receptionist

Marie is our optical assistant, administrator, and receptionist at our Leicester branch. She really enjoys helping people, whether it be booking appointments, helping them choose the right frames, or having a chat to make sure they are happy with their eye care.

In her spare time Marie loves spending time with her family, baking big celebration cakes, and watching soaps.

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