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Great looks and superb vision – whatever your needs we have the solution.

What does anybody look at when they first meet you? Of course, it’s your face and if you are wearing glasses then they say a great deal about you. We regularly visit trade shows, interview reps and look at new collections to find the latest styles only selecting ranges which meet our standards. We stock labels such as Calvin Klein, Guess and Serge Blanco but we go much further with our handmade frame ranges which really make you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at our Frames Page to find out more.

If you would rather wear contact lenses then we are not limited to any one lab’s lenses. We carry out extensive tests on your eyes to find which lenses would be the ideal for you ensuring optimal comfort and wearing times. You can find out more about our Contact Lens Services.

We offer an alternative to laser refractive surgery – orthokeratology (also known as ortho-k or Eyedream) corneal refractive therapy. If you would rather not wear contact lenses or glasses at all during the daytime and you are short sighted you should take a look at this. Painless, reversible, revolutionary and it works! You can find out more on our ortho-k page.

Alan and Tracey have a keen interest in outdoor pursuits and we stock a range of sports glasses.  Our Prescription Motorbike Goggles are a little bit special! We also supply prescription swimming goggles, prescription cycling specs and more. We can advise on tints, UV protection and lens requirements for other sports or simply for the ideal Prescription Sunglasses.

Feel free to telephone or call in. We would be delighted to talk through your needs and advise on the various options open to you.

For more information on our practice or to book an appointment, give our friendly team a call on 01162 531750 (Leicester) or 01933 653226 (Irthlingborough).