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Eyeplan – Care, Quality And Value.

We are proud to provide the Eyeplan® care scheme. Simply put, Eyeplan® is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value on your eyewear. In exchange for a small monthly fee, Eyeplan® members receive a number of different benefits, based around the Eyeplan® core values; care, quality and value.

  • Comprehensive eye examinations as frequently as a member wishes at no extra charge
  • Minor Eye Compaints Examinations and any other appointments included at no extra charge
  • Significantly lower prices for all of our eyewear ranges (lenses too.) 
  • We will be able to offer you great value on eye wear Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles bought with Eyeplan Discounted family membership
  • Family discounts available.
  • Reasonable monthly fee.

Eyeplan clients are not restricted by NHS rules on when you can have a sight test and what is, and is not, allowed. We can give you the eyecare that you need, when you need it. And save you on average 30% of the cost of your glasses.

Moreover, Eyeplan® members receive the peace of mind that their eyes and eye wear are under continual care. 

For more information about Eyeplan, give our friendly team a call on 01162 531750 (Leicester) or 01933 653226 (Irthlingborough).