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Eye Care

It’s all about you. Our passion is to give you the highest standard of eyecare, address your individual needs and make you look great in your eyewear.

You use your vision every single day- it’s perhaps the most vital of all your senses. But is it as sharp as it could be? Maybe you’re looking for a reputable optician in Leicester or Irthlingborough to give your eye health the once over? Or maybe you’re looking for a new stylish frame or prescription sunglasses to complete your look?

At Bellamy Eyecare you’ll find everything you’d expect from a top quality opticians, and then a great deal more. From our two family-run practices in Leicester and Irthlingborough, we offer professional eye examinations and hundreds of designer frames to choose from, as well as prescription sunglasses and sports eyewear. But that’s just the beginning…


Your eye care is all about you and your needs

Everyone who walks into Bellamy Eyecare has different needs and concerns. Rather than offering everybody the same treatment, we have three different levels of eye tests so you can choose the one that suits you best.

  1. A sight test is the standard eyesight check which is free to anyone eligible for NHS treatment. This includes people over 60, under 16, those on various benefits, those with diabetes or with a family history of glaucoma.
  2. A premium eye examination covers everything offered by the NHS check but then uses retinal photography to examine the health of your eyes and find if you are at risk of developing a serious eye condition.
  3. A premium plus eye examination covers everything in a premium eye examination, as well as the use of our visual field equipment and any other investigations that you may require, for an even more thorough sight test. You will also get a copy of your retinal images and visual field reports for peace of mind of and future reference.
Dry Eyes

Let us put an end to your unnecessary discomfort

If you suffer from dry eyes, our specialist clinics can help you manage the symptoms of sore, gritty, red and watery eyes. These problems are sometimes caused by ageing but can also be linked to pregnancy, excessive use of contact lenses and a variety of environmental factors too.We can help you establish the cause of your problem and then prescribe appropriate treatment to relieve your symptoms quickly and efficiently.

The clinic also supports customers with common eyelid problems such as cysts or blepharitis. These are conditions that few GPs have the skills to help you manage effectively but which can interfere with your quality of life.

Children's Eye Care

Your child’s eye care is particularly important while they’re growing and developing, and we encourage you to bring them to see us regularly

Many parents assume any problem their child has with their vision will be identified by their teachers or even by the child themselves. But the truth is that children only know their own experience of the world, and assume this is ‘normal’. Unfortunately this means that often you can’t rely on your child to tell you if they’re struggling with their vision.

We have a special interest in helping children overcome concentration and learning problems which can be caused by undiagnosed eye conditions. What’s more, all under 16s are eligible for NHS sight tests, so it will cost you nothing to check their eyes are in proper working order. If they need glasses, we have a wide range of spectacles for children, and there’s a separate collection for teenagers too.

Visual Aids

Support your vision with our visual aids

There are more treatment options than ever before for serious eye conditions but sadly not all can be halted. If you have particularly poor vision which cannot be corrected solely by the use of glasses or contact lenses, there is invaluable help available for you at Bellamy Eyecare.

If you’re at a stage in your life where a degenerative eye disease has taken its toll, we’re one of the few places where you can get special aids to support your vision and help you stay independent in your own home.

For more information on our practice or to book an appointment, give our friendly team a call on 01162 531750 or 01933 653226.