Bellamy Eye Care

Contact Lenses

Your contact lenses can suit your comfort needs, as well as give you clearer vision

If you wear contact lenses, or want to start wearing them, we offer a wide range of contact lens brands, and can find something to suit almost everyone.Whether you want to wear lenses just occasionally, or make them a part of everyday life,you will be able to choose the right pair for you at Bellamy Eyecare. Our favourite brand is CooperVision because of their high quality and comfort levels.

Your comfort when wearing your contact lenses is as much of a priority as ensuring they are the correct prescription. Our high quality, high comfort lenses postpone problems associated with wearing lenses for a long amount of time, offering you many years of improved vision without wearing glasses or experiencing any discomfort.

You have the option to change from standard lenses to our high quality range, which includes lenses that offer extra comfort. We can also help you manage discomfort caused by contact lenses through our dry eye clinic.

People suffering from eye diseases are often told they’re not suitable for contact lenses but that’s not always true. We’re proud to be able to provide a number of specialty lenses which are not widely available. In particular we are able to fit lenses for patients with keratoconus, a condition which causes the surface of the eye to take on a conical shape.

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