Well, it seems as if we’re on the road back and we are now allowed to carry out routine eye examination. However, things are never going to be quite the same again, either in the world of optics or in wider society. We have had to make many adaptations and invest in a great deal of equipment to ensure proper infection prevention. Full risk assessments have been carried out which we have passed with flying colours.

You can appreciate that we have quite a backlog of people who’s eyes have changed. Many are experiencing difficulty reading or driving etc. For a short while, we are prioritising clients who need to update their glasses. If this is you then please do give us a call and we’ll get you up to date. If you just need a routine sight test then please bear with us for a few weeks.

Here’s a short video outlining how we are keeping people safe from infection when in our practices. This shows the Leicester practice but it applies to Irthlingborough just the same.