Business Not Quite As Usual!

Just like everybody else, we’re hugely affected by the drive to contain the spread of the coronavirus (Covid 19.) For effective Social distancing we must keep a minimum separation of two metres. This is simply not possible when performing an eye examination, or even a basic sight test. Consequently, we have had to cease all normal business.

The guidance for all optometry practices is now clear. There are two levels of care that we provide at the moment:

Essential eye care: For instance, if a key worker or elderly person needed a sight test and new spectacle prescription.  Other examples are if somebody has broken their glasses, a contact lens wearer needs more lenses, or where a visually impaired person or child needs eye care. This does not allow for routine sight testing, there would have to be a serious reason why it was necessary.

Urgent care: This includes urgent clinical advice or intervention e.g. for red eye, contact lens discomfort, foreign object, sudden change in vision, flashes and floaters which might suggest detachment etc.

So What Are We Doing?

The imperative is to avoid contact. Everything should initially be dealt with by discussion over the phone or email – so-called remote consultations. If you have a medical problem with your eye then we are here to discuss and advise on what you can do about it.

For those who have ordered glasses we are out and about delivering them. They are thoroughly cleaned with anti-viral sanitising wipes. We will place the glasses at a safe distance from you so that there is no contact. They should fit fine immediately but if any tweaks are needed then this can be carried out in the future.

If you break or damage your glasses we can use your existing prescription to make a new pair. We are also available to repair glasses on an appointment basis.

Feel free to contact us on the practice numbers or email addresses. We’ll be happy to help in any way that we are able.

Alan Bellamy 24.3.20