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It’s all about you. We are opticians in Leicester and Irthlingborough with a passion to give you the highest standard of eye care, address your individual needs and make you look great in your eyewear. We specialise in patients with more complex requirements both in the health of their eyes and complicated glasses prescriptions.



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Orthokeratology (Ortho K) and myopia control

An alternative to laser refractive eye surgery and cutting edge therapy to limit myopia in children.

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Beauty not badges – The finest hand made frames with looks and quality that make you stand out from the crowd.

Hi, we’re Alan and Tracey Bellamy the optician owners of Bellamy Eyecare.

We took over our long established practices in 2000. Since then we’ve built on our belief that by taking time to get to know you and your particular requirements we can give you the best eye care and make you look and feel great in your eyewear.


How to see safely in the pool

How to see safely in the pool

I have to confess, I’m no swimmer – I just don’t seem to have the coordination or whatever it takes to achieve that effortless grace in the pool (think hippo swimming, that’s more me.) My daughter, Arianne, on the other hand loves to swim and spends plenty of time in...

Ole’ Pink Eyes Are Back – It’s allergy season again.

Ole’ Pink Eyes Are Back – It’s allergy season again.

I'm a bit unusual, I'm told - I love winter! The clear frosty mornings, clean fresh air, beautiful snow-covered countryside. Well, all good things come to an end and, for me, it has been a great winter so I'm happy. The warmer weather and the blossom on the trees is...

Orthokeratology and the noble art

Orthokeratology and the noble art

The short sighted pugilist. It's amazing where an idle chat over the garden fence can lead! One murky afternoon last November while talking to a neighbour, Tom, the conversation got around to his favourite sport – he's a keen boxer. He knew that I'm an optometrist and...

We have been going to Bellamy Eye Care for many years, and always had first rate eye care. Mr Bellamy was the first Optician to diagnose that our daughter had one eye short sighted.

Pauline Nolan

Alan acquired me as a client when he took over the existing practice. The change was dramatic and extremely good.

Peter Butt

What a lovely atmosphere. So friendly. I felt it the moment I called in and booked the appointment.

Mrs Norma Masters

I always go to Bellamys because they have a fantastic range of frames and lovely helpful staff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mrs Joan Wilson

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